Summer activity

For my activity this summer, I took sailing lessons to freshen up on my knowledge. I had taken one years ago to learn, but at this point I was really rusty and it was probably not a good idea for me to go out on the water by myself. My cousin also took the class to earn his boy scouts badge. We learned vocabulary words, how to read the wind direction, and we practiced different types of knots. My strongest suit was reading the direction of the wind and knowing when to pull in or let out the sail. My biggest challenge was working with my sister. We sailed together on a windy day and we had a lot of trouble communicating. It was a really stressful day and although we didn’t capsize, we did have to call in for help after around 10 minutes because we both were too stressed and couldn’t agree on how to get back to shore, it was a mess of us both yelling at each other on what to do that ended with the workers having to swim over and help us back. I definitely am better than I used to be, but unfortunately I chose a bad day to practice. I was pretty prepared however Maya was not, she was a lot more scared of picking up speed than I was so I had to go fairly slow so she wouldn’t get mad at me. I think it wasn’t a terrible experience overall. I just know now that I should go with someone who isn’t as afraid.

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