Summer creativity

Over summer I spent a few days in my backyard on a picnic blanket painting with my cousins and siblings. We set up towels and blankets on our lawn and brought out sketchbooks, paints and pencils. I painted for around 4 hours with my sister, but she got bored pretty quickly. I was stationed on our freshly cut lawn that had previously been overgrown with vegetation so there were tons of bugs everywhere. I decided to use it as a challenge to paint the bugs that crawled on me or the towels which was both fun and difficult because most of them preferred to be hidden in the folds of the towel rather than being out in the open where I could observe them. I love painting, but I struggle to make my work resemble what I am trying to paint so this was a fun exercise that was a bit more loose and fun than trying to achieve perfection. I feel like doing activities like this helps make art fun again. Sometimes with art or hobbies it's easy to get caught in only trying to improve and sometimes I forget that it’s also just fun. It also gave me a new appreciation for the bugs I found, they were all so colorful and it was really cool seeing some colors out in nature that I didn’t know were possible, for example there was this tiny black beetle that had 4 thin gold stripes. It has to be one of the coolest looking bugs I’ve ever seen, it is called a gold leaf beetle and I was so amazed by it I tried to paint it as well which is the first image.

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