Summer Creativity

What are your strengths and areas for growth? These past three months I haven't been in a very good mental state and in therapy I was advised to try journalling I wasn't very excited about it mostly because I have dyslexia and it's hard for me to spell out words or do all that kind of stuff and I was scared it was going to stress me out but I gave it a try and I've been doodling and journalling how I feel and I think it's a very good way for coping with stress or doubts.How did your strengths help you be successful? My strengths I would say they would be mostly all the artistic part when I started journalling I didn't want it to look boring and just words I wanted to look fun and happy so doodling helped a lot with keeping out the stress of only writing down and it made me happy.How did you work on your areas for growth? Some areas of growth have been my mental health I feel a little better and not only that I got to practice writing which is something that I try to avoid in school out of school at all times but I've kind of enjoyed this journalling experience.Did you get better at something? I would like to say that I got better at liking more writing and reading since I used my tools which would be Siri I would ask her a question on how to write something down and it would've make me feel less stressed and it was another way for me to practice my tools and what I can use during school.

Created By: Kenya & Isa, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Isas CAS project

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