Taking New Challenges


Angelina Del Vecchio 

29 October, 2021

My cas project has been a struggle for me lately, since I moved from my old home a lot of my original plans have changed. First I had to talk with my old mentors and people that I encouraged in my first project. This was really complicated because they don’t really take young people in their projects and I really wanted to work with them. Although at first, I was really excited about the project, within the time the excitement started to fade and this had to do a lot with how they managed their project and how they didn’t really want me in their project. Honestly, this was a huge turn-off for my excitement.  Once I told them I didn’t want to work with them. They asked me for help to work for them and that wasn’t nice at all. I finally did help with the work they assigned me to do and I closed the chapter with my last project. Although it was the best way to start my cas journey, I learned how important it is to look for the right environment of working and how this can affect the way we motivate ourselves. 

One thing I have really wanted to do was work with music and originate a project where music is included. Personally, this idea is the one I am most excited about but I would be okay with looking for other ones if th

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