Taking on new challenges

When thinking about your challenges, what are your successes/challenges? My biggest success right now was my meeting with mr. Mathew, we went over our presentation and added a new slide. It went incredibly well and I now feel a lot more prepared to present it to everyone. One challenge though for me is reading, especially in public so I have been practicing my lines so that I am prepared. I included one a photo of one of the slides we made which is for an introduction, I am really excited to share everything with my classmates and I am glad I get to go over it with someone who knows more about it. Why is it important to think through the challenges that you are working on in this class. It is important to think through it all so that I can figure out how to get around the challenges and do my absolute best. I really love talking about this topic and I could honestly talk about it for hours, but I get incredibly nervous in front of people I am not the most comfortable around so I stutter and then forget how to form coherent words. How do they make you feel? How are you overcoming them? They make me really disappointed because I know all of this by heart and I want to share as much of it as possible with as many people as possible because it is so interesting and amazing how peoples brains work differently. I think if people understood better, it would be easier for them to become friends. I want to work through my nervousness by presenting it to small groups of people first, like friends, family, and some of my classmates so that I am at least able to practice my pacing and connecting with the audience.

Created By: Kenya & Isa, Costa Rica

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