The big concert

December 5, 2021.
The past December 5, I had a big event hosted by Good Vibes Rock School. At first, I was nervous about my presentation. In the past, I was way nervous to even consider participating in singing, but the past year I was able to not only train my voice but I got more confidence to present myself in front of multiple people. I come from a musical family and they always bring guitar everywhere we go; we all play and sing. Younger, I was always nervous when a holiday came around because that would mean I had to sing in front of my family. The concert hosted not only provided me with an opportunity to sing, but I was able to help the rock school academy with the preparations and organization of the event. My presence required me to talk with the professors and the school director to construct an organization plan most effectively. To be honest, sometimes I didn't feel comfortable because I was used to receiving instructions instead of providing them, but I am grateful for having spaces like these for future experiences. Working with young kids is one of the hardest things I had to do for this event, especially because they were everywhere and they all spoke either Spanish or English, meaning I had to change the way I talked to them depending on their language. Before the event, I was trying to not only help the academy with the children, but practicing my songs with a partner, and remember the lyrics of the songs, while being stressed and nervous. Honestly, it was one of the most stressful moments of my life but it was all worth it because for so long I was so stressed about performing and once the rush was over I was proud of myself for finally breaking one of my biggest fears.

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