The Blanket Project

My plan of communication for the parents is to each week send out a newsletter on behalf of La Paz informing the community, specifically parents about what we do at Terraza, the days we are open etc.. This will give parents reassurance and relief about what their children will be doing when they are at Terraza. It’s especially important to keep good communication with parents because they are the ones that have most control over their children, so we must inform them about what we do.


Sharky’s Owners

While we aren’t directly in contact with sharky’s, they are the ones paying for our rent, meaning we need to show them that we are utilizing the space we are given effectively and for what it’s worth. Before Terraza was open we also showed them our business plan to demonstrate our efforts into making terraza work.



Since Anastassia is my project partner we are always in communication with each other, meaning any ideas or plans we have, are filtered through each other and we give each other feedback and other ideas. I think it’s very important to have communication between partners because miscommunication can lead to conflict which is something that has previously happened with her and I, that’s why now I’ve understood the value of communication and I’m always putting my maximum effort to maintain it between us.



Keeping consistent communication with Ashley is crucial, because she is the manager of terraza and all the ideas and plans must go through her before anything. It’s also important to be on the same page, so my plan of communication with Ashley is constantly keeping her updated on anything related to Terraza by sending messages on the whatsapp group chat we have with all the Terraza staff that way we are clear on all of our ideas and thoughts.



Carolyn is the director in the board of directors meaning we don;t have direct communication with her other than when we are dealing with money, but she is there for us if we need her help at terraza, which gives us a reassurance if we need it.


Miss Amy

Since Miss Amy is our CAS coordinator, we are in constant communication with her, wether it is through talking, or writing a journal entry, Miss Amy will always be informed about what we do and what our plans for our project is. This important in order to keep a healthy relationship but also so that she is able to see the work we are doing and that way she is able to grade us and give us feedback on what we can work on etc…


Grace & Cata

Grace and Cata are fairly new to the project, so we haven’t been communicating with them constantly, but everytime there is an event we find time to talk to them and figure out who will announce during community meeting or a similar case. Once a month we do have a meeting with all the Terraza staff, so that does give us an opportunity to get our ideas through with themor discuss anything we need related to Terraza.



Teenagers are terrazas biggest demographic, and in a sense one of our most important ones. We want to attract them to come to terraza, so having a plan of communication with them is crucial. We need to inform them through marketing our events, social media and word of mouth to get the most communication we can with them, so they know what is going on and we know how to persuade them to come to our events.



Since Terraza is open to all communities, we try and involve schools other than La Paz, such as Cria, Journey, Tide etc.. To keep a close relationship to other teenagers of the community and let them know our plans for Terraza.


Local Businesses

It’s also important to keep a good plan of communication with local businesses because when we are giving out prizes, they are our only source and if we don’t keep a good relationship/communication they won’t want to donate prizes to us. Our plan of communication every time we ask for prizes is asking them personally, or sometimes phone calling them.

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