I would say that while this project was important, it by no means completely changed CEPIA or the community. While it is important to have an online presence that is professional and a website that is good looking, it doesn’t define what an organization does, and CEPIA’s message has always shown clear through the years that they’ve been working.

With that being said, I will say that now that I have access to the traffic that their website undergoes, it is quite a lot. Every month, there is always about a thousand views, which come from all over the world. I don’t have access to the previous statistics of their site, but I can hope that it has improved with a remake of the site.

This experience has changed me quite a bit, I now have a lot of experience under my belt that is extremely valuable on a college application or resume, but that isn’t why I did it. I chose to take on this project because I truly thought that it would help CEPIA in the long run, despite costing them more money.

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