Trees for the Turtles

On June 2 my 11th grade class and an exchange group of high schoolers from a school in Boston went together to plant 140 trees with a local biological center called The Leatherback Trust. We did this to create shade for the turtles and try to help endangered tree plants that are endemic to the area. I was able to use the learning outcomes of CAS by engaging with global issues of significance and care about our forest here in Costa Rica and allowing for a more comfortable environment for the turtles. I was able to demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively by working with my classmates and a new group of students. We undertook challenges because it was hot and sunny, and muddy, and there were a lot of bugs but we never complained and we worked though it knowing it was for a good cause. I was also able to be active and get a good arm workout by carrying multiple trees from the road to the site. I can also connect this experience to the IB learner profile traits of caring and principled because we were able to effectively plant a lot of trees while caring for the environment.

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