True colors

Explain, what did you take away from reflecting on your own personal color style and that of others in the group?

Somethings that I took away from the whole color talk that they gave us would probably be what are my strengths and what are things that I value the most like friends and family.


What observations can you make about the type of personal styles that we have as a group? 

I think they’re very accurate because out of all the people that were in my group I thought I didn’t fit in but then I realize that the other people in the group were basically the saying their base was the strings like being sensitive and empathetic.


Is there a complementary color to yours? Explain which one and why. 

My color was blue and it basically said that I really like to family friends I had to do a lot with empathy which is something that I always fall for a very easily which is not bad but in some situation it can be.


What are ways we can take this information into our work in class or in our CAS projects to work collaboratively in positive ways?

Some ways that I can take this information into my work is that when we’re working in groups and I’m trying to be a leader I can get a little mean so I have to try and think about being calm and have some empathy for my classmates when I get like that.

Created By: Kenya & Isa, Costa Rica

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