Vacation Journal Entry 1: Service

Wow, it’s been a while since I last wrote one of these. Usually I have a really easy time writing logs; the ideas just start flowing and I type away. But not this time. There’s something different. This vacation was very emotionally loaded for me, which I’d rather not get into here. The point is; I was so wrapped in my personal battles that I completely forgot about the big monster I was just fist-fighting: IB. I barely worked on any of my projects… the one I did work on, my Bio IA, was a total, unsalvageable disaster. What i’m trying to get at is: I completely forgot about CAS… Oopsie!

Jokes aside, I really did forget about the project during break. I’d love to say I had some great idea, or a new vision for the project… but I didn’t. So as soon as I returned home (the day before writing this entry), I got in contact with Rochelle, and we’re now figuring out the logistics for the even we are organising. I was kinda glad Rochelle forgot about it… In a selfish way, it gives me some validation; but in reality, I’m glad she could take a break. The state of our Mangroves was really taking a toll on her mental health, as wild as that sounds.

I think this was for the best. By walking away for a bit and then returning, it’s almost as if a reboot happened. As soon as I started thinking, new ideas started sprouting. I think we’re so caught up usually that there’s not really a lot of room for creativity. Maybe that’s just me trying to make the best out of a bad situation, but if you believe in it enough, then it’ll become true. I’ll just repurpose this mistake as a strategic choice…

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