Vacation Service

During this break, every few days I worked for my family’s company. As there were a lot of things to do, I did different things such as helping on the scuba diving boat, helping on fishing trips, and moving the scuba diving equipment from the boat to the office. Apart from helping and earning some extra money, this was very effective for me because it gave me several ideas and experience for my CAS project as it will take place most of the time in the ocean. I was able to find some more polluted locations, see the relationship between trash and currents, and speak to some scuba diving instructors about the issue and things I could do to help. This was just another way to engage with an issue of global importance with the same issue of trash and pollution. I was also able to see the ethical implications of my actions as I helped my family and other employees with their jobs. 

A very important aspect of this was working collaboratively with others, I did this in two ways. First of all I had to work collaboratively with the other employees and communicate with them to see what I had to do and work in an effective way. On the other side, speaking to some diving instructors was very effective to learn more about the issue of my project specifically in this zone which opened my mind about the different things that I could do later on in my project.

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