Week 2 journal entry

How are you feeling at the beginning of the project? Describe your feelings and how you are using strategies to manage them.

I’m not feeling very sure about my project at the moment I’m thinking of doing with animal shelters and helping out to find homes for homeless animals that might need love and care but I’m not sure if it can be completely possible.¬†

What are your perceptions of the project at the moment? Does it solve a need in the community? If so, what? Are there people that are willing to help? If not, how can you find them. And what is the vision for the project at the end of the duration? How will it benefit the community?

I have different ideas of what my project could be but the biggest idea right now is to collab with cavalini a well-known veterinarian that has a clinic in town it solves a couple of problems in the community which would be straight animals or the monkeys they also have a collab with salvemonos  which is an organization helping monkeys who get caught in electric wiring so it could help with getting stray dogs or cats out of the streets and helping out Animals in Danger .

Created By: Kenya & Isa, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Isas CAS project

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