What did I do this week?

After all I changed my mind with the idea of my CAS  project My new cast project is revolving around the umbrella term narrowdiversity  we were thinking of collabing with the BEST  team in my school. 

Discuss the steps that were taken to move your project forward this past week. 

So I talked to my parents about a future deli café donation that could be done if me and kenya decide to have a activity fundraiser and we’re going to need food so DeliCafe would be able to donate

Explain how they were important for the project to get off the ground and why.

This is very important for a project because if we do decide to have a fundraiser we are going to need food to attract people because a lot of people like to eat well in these things and plus a lot of people like deli cafés so it’s a good way to attract.

What was easy for you? What was a little tricky? Explain. 

It was easy for me to get a hold of the owners which are my parents but it was also kind of difficult trying to convince them and giving me free food but at the end of the day they’re giving me the products that I make so it’s OK.

Created By: Kenya & Isa, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Isas CAS project

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