What did I learn from this activity and how did this learning (ie a change in perception) apply to me as a person?

What did I learn from this activity and how did this learning (ie a change in perception) apply to me as a person?

Last week my team and I planned and completed one of our best activities yet. We developed a fundraising activity where children from the ages of 7-12 could participate in a Saturday camp all morning. Even though I knew this activity was going to be challenging I decided that my team and I could complete this project.  I felt threatened by the idea of having the responsibility of taking care of children of such a small age, but once we were there I realized that I was good at directing and managing children. Throughout the activities, I managed to feel empowered and confident about my decisions. The responsibility I had on me was huge, and even though the pressure of making the kids have fun, and managing to stay on top of all of them was killing me at the beginning, I realized that I was good at taking care of them. I think one of the attributes that helped me throughout the activity was my confidence. Feeling confident in my skills and taking the role of a leader was definitely what helped me during the 4 hours we took care of them.  On the other hand, I discovered that I'm a good listener, and I can differentiate whenever a person relies on more attention than others. There was a kid called David, he was younger than most of the children. From the beginning, I realized he needed more attention than the rest, he was more sensible and really shy. I encouraged him to participate in the activities and also to be confident in himself. This was one of the best things I learned from this activity that I can help others feel empowered the same way I did during the event.  Another important thing that I learned was that I had to improve my physical performance because whenever I ran or did highly active activities I was always tired and out of breath. This made me realize that even though I'm taking an IB course and I'm managing to stay on a balanced life between social activities and school, I have to take some time to work on my physical activities.

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