what do we know about chickens?

what do we really know about chickens? most of the chickens are hatched by humans, this includes farms and personal flocks families keep at home. Most of the eggs are purchased and hatched using an incubator. Sometimes already hatched chickens are bought instead of eggs. So in reality, there is not much we know about the family structure and natural behavior of chickens. chickens, like all other animals have a social structure. They have their own language, personal dynamics and nuances just like all of us. So when a first grade classroom decides to hatch chicks and observe their lifecycle, it became the perfect opportunity to be explore some questions so the kids can see them as wholesome living beings. 1. what kind of home do chickens usually live in? What is their natural environment like? 2. what is their relationship like with their mother? Their father? Their relatives? 3. How do the chicks feel when they are not in their natural environment? 4. What would the mama chicken do when her babies hatch? 5. What does your mom do for you to make you feel better when you are upset? 6. How do you feel when you are upset and needed your mom but she isn’t there? 7. Do you think you can do something for the chicks to make them feel more comfortable for now? Is there anyone who have had the privilege to observe chickens in their natural environment with their family members? What have you noticed that is special to you?

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