What does it mean to be creative?

What does it mean to be creative?

What does it mean to be creative? To be able to express yourself freely and what each person is capable of doing. Through this free expression each person is able to show strengths and weaknesses. What is your favorite way to express your creative side? By talking to people and communicating orally. Another way to express myself is by telling my ideas, what I´m thinking about and how these work or how these might help. What do you like about it? I like it because with the ideas there can always be changes made and by communicating it's easier to do so. If it´s by text or email, for example, it might take longer rather than face to face. What do you do when you get an idea? I personally keep them in my mind. If the idea is very important it stays in my head and I know I won't forget it because I liked it and I know it will make a change. Do you feel more creative by yourself or when you work with others? To express my ideas I like speaking with others to brainstorm ideas or to give me positive feedback to help me grow them. Why do you think this is? This is because it's easier to brainstorm ideas with feedback and new opinions. Two minds think better than one. How have you shown creativity in your CAS project? By seeing a problem in our La Paz community and starting a project from 0. It has been a challenge but by taking a step one at a time it's easier to make things work.

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