What makes you really excited about your project?

The fact of being able to share the same passion (soccer) with other people who could also love this sport makes me very happy. This passion of soccer I have from my grandfather is unfortunately the only thing that still connects me with him so I hope I can continue for a long time. What makes me passionate about it is to be able to help other girls to do what they like and to have someone to count on, to be able to talk and to help them because Football is also a girl’s sport. My passion has brought me a lot closer because I take care of my CAS project for more than 6 hours and 30 every week. The biggest problem that i’m going through is the inequality, soccer is a very important sport here in Costa Rica and unfortunately a lot of boys think that soccer should not be accessible to girls and it’s been a huge problem since the beginning of my project, because boys don’t want us to train with them, but for us it’s a moment of sharing and learning, we learn  a lot from them about the technical aspect, and feel like we are getting better quicker when we train with them than when we train just us the girls and we share our rigor and precision to them. The coaches are more inspiring and strict, and that helps us to have more discipline.   Unfortunately they think that being girls we can’t have this rigor but we fight since day one,  to improve and move forward and it’s true that many times i come back from training and I don’t want to play anymore, I don’t want to fight anymore, I don’t want to continue because of the fact that I’m pushed to the limit and I recibe a wave of hate every time I want to train. I think the biggest problem is this one and I find it so complicated to want to fight to make your passion, there are so many more opportunities now than before that I try and try again and again but I can’t continue  like that. Nobody  can’t do that, continue to receive negative comments and opinions. Right now I feel like quitting and letting them win but as my grandfather used to say all the time  to me before he left “you have to fight until you leave” so I won’t give up. I have every right to play and train like the boys!!!


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  1. MissAmy

    March 19, 2022

    Keep fighting for the equality that you deserve Kassie.

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