What skills did cas teach me that I can apply for the future.

CAS is a great way to learn skills and overcome obstacles, one of the best skills I had developed in a more professional way is painting. At the beginning of my cas project, I would be scared to start painting a skateboard but as time went by with more experience I got to try different materials and ideas to get creative. Another skill that I learned was teaching, I learned how to teach skateboarding and the steps it takes to teach someone a certain trick. I really don’t think about it but when teaching you have to break down step by step every motion you have to do in order to perform that trick. My greatest skill development over these two years was my communication, I used to be scared to let people know about my project because I would be targeted with many questions that I wouldn’t know how to answer but over the course of experience and years of work, I have improved communication to my community and have talked to many leaders of my community. All of these skills I will be applying to the future in any occasion, this could be another project to help my community or even at a job where creativity, communication and teaching will be applied.

Created By: Benjamin Genga, Guanacaste

Uploaded To: Paint For Skate

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