What will the project look like?

Date: October 7th, 2022


What will my project look like in the future?

In the future my project will help lots of people from lots of different communities of the whole Cabo Velas community and it will help many kids do what they like in a healthy and competitive way against other people. Students will remember my CAS project as the best Costa de Oro that there has even been. Since I want to talk to many companies, by the middle of 2024 I will have lots of contacts in the United States and other parts of the world who I can talk to and maybe get a Job there. This will also leave a great impact on La Paz itself because I will leave all the contact here in case someone else wants to do the project in the future. Another goal I would like to accomplish after a while is that people who suffer poverty can get to know wealthy people and make friends. Being a social person can get you to many places in life and if you really have good and truthful friendships you can get to be helped by other people and even further in the future YOU can help someone else make their dream come true. One of the most important parts of the project for me is that many people in the school suffer from depression and maybe you don’t even get to notice, well doing sports helps a lot with that. It keeps your body in shape so you’ll like how you look, it makes you meet many people so your social life will be increased and over all trying to become your best You at something, is amazing. You can overpass the person you were in the past and love the person that you can be in the future.


Mission statement:


  1. Alert the world and Create a solution to mental health issues by allowing teens and kids play to soccer and entertaining an audience 
  2. Drive and advertise a solid soccer tournament for the Cabo Velas area and complete it before the end of 2023. 

Compete against other schools and collect money so the winner receives a valuable prize.

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