Why is this project important to me?

Why is this project important to you?

Has it made you even more passionate about your project? If so, why? If not, why not?

What have  you learned about this issue that you are solving that everyone should know?


This project is important to me because it connects with one of the most important parts of my life: music. From the start of my CAS journey, I always knew I wanted to have a project related to music not only because it is something I enjoy but also helps me have a more open and creative mind. Something that has impacted me throughout the process of the project is the interaction I have built with people. In the beginning, I had complications communicating with adults or music teachers but now I am more communicative with them. Communication with younger people has improved also; I have learned to approach them more easily with a more expressional face, especially when it comes to music. My connection with music has helped me connect with others and that’s one of the things I love the most about my project. Helping my community learn the benefits of including music in their life has been my main objective. I have helped with kids’ theater classes, and with a concert. Both of these activities have been big and have demonstrated how much playing music or listening to it can impact someone’s life.

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