With a Little Help from My Friends

Last Friday after work, I gathered up donation bags of children's clothing, toys, and shoes to bring up to our friends at Kashia. When speaking with some elders at the reservation months ago, I learned how frustrating it can be when outsiders assume that all federally recognized tribes have a ton of resources (i.e. money) from outside sources. This is not true. Other outsiders assume that all natives receive some kind of automate resources from casinos - this is also not true. The Kashia Pomo are a non-gaming tribe, so they do not receive any funding from casinos. Many families are in need of additional support with necessities like baby formula, diapers, clothing and school supplies for children. I shared this information with my family and friends and was blown away by the generosity that followed! Starting with my sister who gathered like-new clothing from my niece and nephew, then my friend Ally who gathered additional donations from neighbors. I loaded up our van with the goods and brought them with our friends to share. My hope is that the love of community can be felt around this special place and people. May we move the needle in some small way to alleviate suffering and maybe even bring some joy to folks who deserve it and more. ❤️

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