I hosted a community workshop to teach kids how to build and assemble skateboards and how to skate, with the resources I gained from these connections. I got a lot of engagement, so much so that parents thanked me, and asked for this workshop to turn into a regular event. I gave away skateboards, stickers, and many more materials to kids who showed up and participated to once again encourage exercise and give prizes for engaging with the community in a sustainable way.

The planning stage was difficult. I had to abide by covid-19 regulations, which was harder said than done because of the wide range of edges participating in the workshop. I spent a lot of time talking to school staff to make sure this could happen in a way that didn’t expose anyone to the virus. Marketing this project to the students however, was a different story. I had to do very little to get many of the students and parents excited, and the turn out ended up being very successful. Lastly, setting up the workshop came along. I talked and collaborated with another fellow IB student with a CAS project of her own. She manages “LaFeria” which is a market that comes to our school every wednesday. She gave me my own booth free of charge, allowing my event to be even more successful and fun than anticipated.

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