Benefits of Breathwork

Breathwork can have a powerful impact on both your physical and emotional state of being. This path will help you understand why it is so important to learn, whether you want the proof through first hand experience or scientific research. 

  • Watch the video and jot down one way you can improve your breathing and three facts that surprised you or that you learned.
  • Pick one of the following activities to dive deeper into the topic of breathing:
    • Science Time: Want to learn more about breathing from a scientific perspective? Watch this cool science video about breath.
    • Breathwork Practice: Ready to try a rejuvenating breathing exercise? Find a comfy spot to lie down and complete the guided breathing exercise. 


  • After completing your chosen activity, answer these reflection questions and post on the path:
    • What three facts from the video sparked your curiosity?
    • How do you plan to improve your breathing?
    • Share one key takeaway from the activity you chose.

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