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Visionary: Project Wonder

Location: Planet Earth

Focus: Young People Taking Action

Strategic Vision

Welcome to “Strategic Vision” – the third part of our learning journey! Following the steps we took in “Community Engagement,” this segment focuses on sparking strategic thinking by introducing some practical business tools, getting us ready to make a difference in our communities.

Here’s what’s ahead:

  • Exploring ways to better understand our community and find a place where we can use our strengths and passions to create a project that is a good fit.

  • Figuring out what factors shape our community and how we can turn challenges into opportunities.

  • Taking a closer look at ourselves and our community through exercises like SWOT analysis to help us make better decisions.

  • Diving into market research and community surveys to gather important insights.

  • Learning time management strategies to balance everything while also improving our communication and leadership skills.

This module isn’t just about learning; it’s about thinking critically. It’s about giving ourselves the knowledge, skills, and tools we need to truly make an impact.

Exploration #1
Areas for Growth
Exploration #2
Market Research
Exploration #3
Community Survey
Exploration #4
Empowerment Kit
Wrap Up