Community Survey Conclusion Activity

Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of market research principles, survey design, and data analysis.

  1. Survey Analysis:  Students will review the survey data they collected. They should analyze the responses, looking for patterns, trends, and insights relevant to their research question.
  2. Prepare a small deck (slideshow) using Canva, google slides or power point.It should include:
    • Introduction: Briefly introduce the research question and objectives of the survey.
    • Methodology: Explain the survey design, including the types of questions used and the sampling method employed.
    • Results: Present key findings from the survey, including quantitative data (e.g., percentages, averages) and qualitative insights (e.g., recurring themes from open-ended responses).
    • Analysis: Interpret the survey results, discussing what the findings reveal about the community issue or topic of interest.
    • Conclusion: Summarize the main insights gained from the survey and discuss their implications for addressing the community issue or further research.
    • Reflection: Reflect on the survey-writing process, highlighting lessons learned and areas for improvement.

3. Post the slides to the Path by making a video of your presentation, using Quick Time Player,                  Power Point, or other video maker software.

4. Give feedback on at least one other presentation on the path.

5. Reflection:

    • Did the survey that I sent out give me the information that I needed to move my project forward?
    • What worked in my survey?
    • What didn’t work in my survey?
    • What was the most important thing that I learned from my survey?

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