Bonus Path: Digital Skills and Websites

Being able to quickly find what you need on a website is a crucial 21st-century skill. If you need a bit of help understanding website sections and key terms, follow this path.

  • Start by reading through the worksheet to get a sense of what to look for.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Pick one of these websites to explore:
    • Business: Patagonia
    • News: BBC Global News
    • NGO: Save the Children
  • On the website you chose, find the following and either copy and paste text, paraphrase information, or take a screenshot as proof to add to the second page of the worksheet:
    • 1 fact about the services or programs the organization does
    • Contact Email or Phone Number
    • One career opportunity or volunteer post that sounds interesting to you
    • Keywords that share their values
    • 1 product review or testimonial
  • Post the completed worksheet and a video of yourself explaining what you learned or improved at during this process on the path.

To continue, return to Module 3 Opportunity Card.


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