Personal Areas for Growth

While these statements by Michael Scott from The Office might not be the brightest, he is right in the fact that our weaknesses can also become our strengths. The first step to making this transformation is to identify your weak spots. This path will take you through this process and then tap into your creative side to brainstorm a unique idea about how to deal with them productively. 


  • Start by watching a quick breathing exercise video to to get your focus on point. Use headphones or speakers to hear the instructions clearly.
  • Grab a piece of paper and think about your personal weak spots. Answer these questions:
  • What tasks or subjects do you struggle with?
  • When do you feel the least confident or capable?
  • What are some patterns in your struggles/areas where you hit roadblocks?
  • What do teachers or adults often say you need to work on?
  • Jot down at least three weaknesses you spot in yourself.

Embrace Activity

  • Now, pick one fun activity to brainstorm ways to flip those weaknesses into strengths. There’s no single right answer; it’s all about sparking ideas and finding what clicks for you. It could be that you would like to develop this weakness into a strength that will require time and practice. It also could be that you will embrace this weakness and figure out how to offset the weakness. Do not beat yourself up over these. Remember, everyone has areas to improve—it’s part of growing and learning! 
  • Artistic Expression: Sketch out a visual that captures a weakness, using symbols to show how you could overcome it.
  • Storytelling Magic: Pen a tale or poem about beating a weakness, focusing on bouncing back and getting stronger and more resilient.
  • Musical Vibes: Write song lyrics about conquering weaknesses and coming out on top.
  • Theatrical Flourish: Act out a short scene showing how you turn weaknesses into strengths, diving into the emotions of personal growth.
  • Digital Wizardry: Create a cool presentation, animation, or digital artwork showcasing strategies to conquer weaknesses, jazzing it up with graphics, narration and sound.
  • Post your final product on the path.

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