Bonus Path: VIA Strengthsfinder & Teamwork

This path is a great example of how fiction can teach us something about ourselves and how to live our lives. You’ll get to revisit collaborative times in your life and see how differences can lead to both success and failure, preparing you for future collaboration in this course. 

Identify Areas for Growth

  • Start by revisiting your VIA Strengthsfinder test results, focusing on the three strengths listed at the bottom. These often overlooked “lesser” strengths can be goldmines for personal growth.
  • Sherlock Holmes, renowned for his unparalleled deductive reasoning and keen analytical abilities, often displays a noticeable lack of empathy and social warmth. This is something that he has to work on. However, this detachment, while sometimes seen as a weakness, actually serves him well in various situations, allowing for objective analysis free from emotional bias. It illustrates how a perceived weakness can complement and even enhance one’s primary strengths, particularly in professions requiring critical and unbiased observation. Ask yourself:
    • Is there a lesser strength of yours that supports one of your top strengths in a surprising way?


  • Now, jump into teamwork and growth dynamics with The Avengers. Watch this scene that shows Tony Stark and Steve Rogers butting heads but also growing together and read this analysis.
    • This scene underlines how Tony and Steve’s contrasting approaches to leadership and problem-solving create tension but also potential for growth. Tony’s challenge to authority and Steve’s principled stand make them question each other’s methods but also highlight the need for a balance between questioning decisions and trusting leadership. This scene, and their relationship throughout the MCU, exemplifies how individuals with differing strengths can challenge each other in ways that lead to personal growth and stronger team cohesion. Their ability to eventually bridge their differences and work together is a testament to the value of complementary strengths within a team.
  • Now, it’s your time to shine on camera! In a quick video (under two minutes), dive into these questions and share your thoughts.
    • Have you ever teamed up with someone who thinks differently than you? How did their unique ideas help the project or task turn out?
    • Do you know someone whose strengths go hand in hand with yours? How does working together with them help you grow personally and rock as a team?
    • Can you think of a time when you had to figure things out with someone whose strengths were totally different from yours? How did you handle the differences, and what did you learn from it?

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