Bonus Path Graphs Review Spark

By using google forms, you do not need to do anything to create the graphs from your survey! Google forms creates graphs and charts based on the collected responses. So, why does google forms auto-generate these specific graphs (Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Column Charts, Summary Tables, Histograms)

  1. Choose one of the graphs and create a visual that will teach others. Use the Types of Graphs worksheet to get started. Visual must include: 
    1. Example of the type of chart w/one conclusion drawn from the example.
    2. For what type of questions is this a good fit? 
    3. Why is it beneficial to use this type of chart? 
  2. Post on the path. Make sure to look at other student’s visuals if you are confused about any of the auto-generated results. 
  3. Take the Blooket quiz about graphs, charts and tables!


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By MissAmy

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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