SWOT analysis


  • Watch video to explain what is a SWOT analysis: Business strategy – SWOT analysis
  • Remember that: 
    • Strengths are the things that you are known for and that you do well. Things that differentiate you from others in your life.
    • Weaknesses are the things that you don’t do so well. Things that you avoid doing because they take a lot of time or don’t come that easy to you. 
    • Opportunities are the chances for something positive to happen and that you need to recognize so that you can take them! These are outside yourself so be aware of what is out there for you to try!
    • Threats are anything from the outside that can negatively affect you today or in the future. It is important to be aware of these so you don’t get tripped up!


SWOT Practice

  • Go to this worksheet and make a copy for yourself. This exercise is a personal SWOT, and will help generate ideas for achieving your goals. After you have completed the Community Survey, you will come back to the SWOT analysis framework and complete a SWOT analysis for a project that you would like to start in your community. 
  • Create a personal SWOT analysis using the internal information (Strengths and Weaknesses) that you have already gathered in former paths. You can also look at the questions that are in each quadrant that will help guide you. (My example is posted at the top of the page.)
  • Use your knowledge of the external environment, communities and people around you, to fill in the Opportunities and Threats section of the quadrant. You can also use the questions in the quadrant. 
  • Once you have filled the quadrants with your information, continue to the second page of the worksheet to answer some questions about the connections that can be made from this tool. This is the analysis! 
  • Remember that this is a static moment in time and things change rapidly in your life. You can repeat this exercise during many different times in your life or for projects that you are involved in!
  • Take this quiz on Blooket to test your knowledge of the tool.


If you would like to see another version of a SWOT analysis in action, watch this video of a SWOT analysis of Starbucks.  

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