Writing a Research Question

After your community interviews, there’s got to be something that caught your eye or tugged at your heartstrings. Time to dive deeper!


  • Choose the issue that interests you the most. This will potentially be the focus of your entire project, so make sure to choose something that you truly like! 
  • Whip up a mind map: Put the issue that’s calling your name in the spotlight, right at the center.
  • Branch out with some thought starter bubbles: 
    • Who are the potential stakeholders? 
    • What else do you want or need to know about this issue? 
    • How does it click with your passions and values?
    • What are the logistical needs?
    • What important things do you know about the issue?

Craft Your Question

  • Watch the video at the top of the path for what’s coming up next.
  • Write your own research question based on Blooket insights, mind map, and feedback from the people that surround you and people in this group. 
    • Think: “How does…, To what extent does…, In what ways…” These are all great sentence starters for your question. 
    • Example: If you’re all about local food and , maybe ask, “How does local food production contribute to the economic well-being of our community, both in terms of providing employment opportunities and stimulating local economic growth?” Or “How does local food production contribute to the preservation and celebration of cultural heritage within our community, and how can these cultural aspects be integrated into marketing and outreach efforts?”
  • Write down your research question and objective on the path. What information are you hunting for with your survey? Does this question help you focus your work? Does it help outside people understand what you are doing?
  • Read at least two fellow student’s questions. Offer your gems of wisdom:
    • Is the research question going to help that person meet their objective?
    • Is the research question effective? If not, how can they improve it? 
    • Personalized comment – what do you think about their project idea! Share your thoughts! 

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