Primary and Secondary Sources

When you start researching, it’s super important to pick the right type of info to back up your analysis. You don’t want to mix up personal opinions with facts or use stats to tell personal stories. Different sources have their places, and you need to use them the right way. So on this path, you’re going to learn when to use which type of source.

  • Think back on your past research projects. Make a copy and fill in as much as you can on the worksheet based on your own academic journey. Spend at least 5 minutes reflecting on how you’ve used different sources in your research.
  • Next, read through the second page of the worksheet. Update your answers or add any missing info as you go along.
  • On the path, talk about your learning process today from start to finish. How did your personal experiences with research (primary research) shape your understanding? How did reading an article (secondary research) help you? Share your insights and discoveries with the group.

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