Bonus Path Areas for Growth and Teamwork

  • Start by brainstorming the similarities between each scenario below:
    • Actors often work with business advisors who are paid to manage their finances efficiently.
    • Athletes work with coaches who are talented at strategizing.
    • Doctors specialize in a particular area and work with other specialists to treat patients most effectively.
      • (Successful people focus on doing what they do best, and make sure to work with others who are strong in the areas in which they are weak.)
  • Revisit your strengths from Module 1. Write down your strengths and weaknesses that you think will help or hinder them in this course.
  •  Think about other stakeholders in your life, identify and make a list of people who have complementary strengths that will help you achieve a project goal. Who is there to support you in ways that might not always acknowledge, but help you through projects, assignments, extra curricular, or social engagements?
  • Reflect about this group of people and then post a reflection on this path.
    • What are your stakeholder’s names that will be complementary to you and will help you succeed?
    • How can they support you?
    • In what ways can diverse strengths and weaknesses within a team enhance collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation?

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