Observation Spark

Sometimes we get so used to our lives and the environments that we are in, that we don’t even notice what makes it special or what problems it has. By drawing out the details of what you have seen, you might have an “aha moment” for a project idea! 

Breathing Exercises

  • Let’s center ourselves before we brainstorm. Hold one hand out and place your other hand’s index finger at the bottom of your palm. Trace it up to the top of your thumb, and breathe in.
  • Trace your finger back to the bottom of your palm, and then exhale.
  • Repeat the process for each finger until you’ve done all five, breathing in when you reach the top of each finger and breathing out when you return to the bottom of your palm.
  • Repeat as many times until you feel ready to move on.


  • Think about what caught your attention in your community. What surprises did you encounter? What needs are apparent? What does your community excel at? Write down your thoughts.
  • Based on your reflections, pick one of these fun ways to express your observations:
    • Write a poem or rap that captures what you observed in your community.
    • Create a mind map showcasing the key aspects of your community and your insights.
    • Draw a comic strip illustrating your experiences and observations in the community.
  • Once you’ve crafted your poem, mind map, or comic strip, share it on the path for others to see and appreciate!

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