Create a Survey

Surveys help you understand your market and get to know your audience. Because there are many different perspectives about different topics, it is good to understand how others view a project or situation. Once you have your research question / objective it is time to give your survey a name and write your questions!

Effective Surveys:

  • Check out the reading to discover what makes a survey awesome. Get tips on asking the right questions for great insights.
  • Pick how you want to showcase your survey skills:
    • Design a cool poster, digital or on paper, explaining what makes a survey effective.
    • Create a video where you explain to a friend or family member what makes an awesome survey.

Survey Practice

  • Take the two surveys below and give your feedback.

Project Wonder Survey A

Project Wonder Survey B

  • Your goal with this survey is to be able to answer some of your research question (RQ). 
  • Write your first draft of your survey questions based on your RQ and add them to this path. 
  • Respond to 2 members of the cohort and give them feedback on their questions.

Google Forms Survey

  • Turn your questions into a survey using Google Forms. If you need help, check out this quick tutorial
  • Send your survey to five people you know. See what they say! Then, think about how you can improve your survey based on their feedback.
    • Are people responding with relevant answers?
    • Do you need to change the wording on any question?
    • Do you need to change the format of any question?
  • Revise the survey one more time if necessary.

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