BONUS PATH: Diving into Human Rights

  • Start with the video. Then follow up with the reading material provided. There’s a lot to learn, so dive in!
  • You’ve got a worksheet linked to the reading. It’s your chance to put what you’ve learned into action. Fill it out thoughtfully.
  • Head over to the path and post your reflection. Here’s what we’re curious about:
    • Identify a strength you have when it comes to working and learning on your own.
    • Talk about something you found challenging during this independent study session.
    • Reflect on a strategy that didn’t work out as planned (like studying in a noisy place).
    • Share a strategy that really helped you get the most out of your study time (such as taking breaks or pausing the video).
    • Choose one area you’d like to improve on based on this experience.

To continue, return to the Module 2 Opportunity Card.

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