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Visionary: Project Wonder

Location: Planet Earth

Focus: Young People Taking Action

Module 2: Community Engagement

Welcome to “Community Engagement,” the second module in your educational journey! Building on the foundation laid in “Exploration,” this unit focuses on the crucial aspect of communication, equipping you with the essential skills to engage meaningfully with your communities.

What to expect:

  • Develop a personalized communication strategy that helps you achieve your goals, ensuring purpose in your interactions.

  • Learn to navigate diverse settings by utilizing appropriate communication methods tailored to different environments.

  • Practice using tools and techniques to overcome apprehensions, fostering confidence and resilience.

  • Engage in personal interactions to gain insights into your community, fostering a deeper understanding of its dynamics and needs.

  • Delve into the fundamentals of human rights, understanding their significance in fostering inclusive and empathetic communication.

This module acts as a guide to help you start engaging within your community. As you progress, you will not only enhance your communication skills but also understand the strengths and challenges that are present in your communities.

Exploration #1
Exploration #2
Human Rights
Exploration #3
Informational Interviews
Exploration #4
Wrap up