Informational Interviews


  • Reach out to 3 of your chosen stakeholders from at least two different communities to set up an interview in the upcoming 2 weeks. Remember to take notes or ask if you can record the interview. 
  • Remember to follow the rules outlined in the previous section and do not give up if people are not responding to you! 
  • Choose at least five questions from the provided list. These questions can be answered in regards to environmental, social or economic concerns. Your goal is to learn more about their community from another person’s perspective.

Post Interview: 30-45 minutes

  • Once your interviews are complete, create a mind map to synthesize the information from the interviews using the template. If you chose 3 stakeholders from 3 different communities, you will need to make a second mindmap. 
  • Upload the mind map and your reflection to the path.  
    • What surprised you about your community? Why?
    • What interested you about your community that you would like to explore more?
    • What ideas do you have for a project that is needed in your community? Explain. 


This Collective

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