Small Talk

If you can stand out in the first few minutes of a conversation, your connections and opportunities will grow. We want you to take some fresh advice (even if you are already pretty good at small talk) and put it into practice because really, practicing this is the only way you’ll get better. 


  • Watch the video on small talk. 
  • Make a copy of this T-chart. One side is “What I already Use” and the other is  “What I Learned”

Practice Makes You Better!

  • Choose one of these activities to try out this week. Don’t forget to jot down your reflection afterwards and share them on the path!

I need more examples.
Talk with three adults (like a teacher, parent, or family friend) who you think are great at small talk. Get some tips from them, then practice by role-playing a scenario using their advice. Record the chat or take notes to remember it all.

I want to practice! 
Dive into the action! Start three new conversations with people you don’t know that well. Have a clear goal or topic in mind before you start chatting to give your talks some direction. Afterward, reflect on how it all went, what you talked about, and how you felt during the chat. You can keep track of your experiences through a video diary or written notes.


  • Reflection: 
    • What’s the number one tip you picked up from this lesson about small talk?
    • How do you think you’ve gotten better at small talk?
    • What is an area you would like to improve at over the upcoming year? 
    • Reflect on how practicing and doing more research changed your feelings about having to make small talk.


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