Reflection on Communication

This lesson helps you reflect on how you communicate with different people, understand why you adapt your style, and recognize the importance of adjusting your communication for better interactions.

  • Independently, think about a time that you have been discussing something with someone. Think about the way you communicate using either spoken, written, and body language, tone, and platform.
  • Take a minute to think of two people that you communicate with that are different. Name them and brainstorm the following information:
    • Who are they?
    • Are they your same age?
    • Do they have the same background as you?
    • Where are they from?
    • Do they have more education than you do?
    • Do you communicate differently with different people?
  • Then, discuss with a partner your insights.
    • What are some examples of how you communicate with them differently?
    • Why does this happen?
    • What would happen if you communicated more or less professionally with them?
  • Add a short video with your answers to the questions or write a couple of paragraphs to show your understanding on this path.
  • Make sure to comment on someone else’s observations.

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