Impulse Control: Pause Before You Act

Creating a skit not only builds communication skills, it also helps you get better at planning, time management, and problem solving. Combine that with role playing a new technique  that you’ve learned, and you’ll be able to recall the technique and apply it when you need it in daily life. And as you’ll learn below, taking a moment to pause and reflect before taking an action is incredibly beneficial to maintaining relationships, acting professionally, and just in general being a human people want to be around. 


  • Start by checking out the article on impulse control. Pay attention to the main points and the PAUSE technique they talk about.


  • Team up with family or friends to make two skits::
    • Demonstrate the first impulsive act in one skit.
    • Use the PAUSE technique in the other skit to see how it changes things. Make sure to highlight each part of PAUSE in your video.
  • Film your skits.
  • Next, try using the PAUSE technique all week.
  • Share a moment when you used PAUSE, explaining how it affected your impulsive reactions. Talk about what you did differently and how it turned out.
  • Post both the skits and personal reflection on the path.

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