Human Rights Intro

Basics of Human Rights

  • Watch the provided video on a human rights issue. If anything’s confusing or you’re curious about more, hit up your guide. They’re here to help.
  • Try to nail down what key human rights principles mean to you (we’re talking Human Rights, Empathy, Tolerance, Equality, Respect, Freedom) after watching the video. And hey, no Googling.
  • Enter your definitions into the “Key Human Rights Principles” worksheet with your name. Then, see how your ideas stack up against your classmates’ and read the official definition from your guide.

Human Rights Issue Exploration

  • Choose two stakeholders from the list (like Government, Affected Group, etc.) that spark your interest or make you want to learn more.
    • Government
    • Affected Group
    • Community Group – For
    • Community Group – Against
    • Students  
  • Choose one of the human rights issues from the list or pitch your own to the guide for a thumbs-up.
    • Gender equality in Afghanistan
    • Poverty in Yemen
    • LGBTQ rights in USA
    • Your Choice – with approval by the guide first
  • Make a copy of the Human Rights Issue Exploration worksheet. Fill  it out with your choices and thoughts. Once done, post on the path, making sure that your settings allow others with the link to view. 


  • After you’ve checked out what others wrote, it’s time to think over the information you’ve learned and how you personally view human rights.
  • Reflect on the discussion and your own relationship with human rights. Post your response on the path.
    • What struggles exist when trying to find a solution to human rights issues? 
    • What roles do empathy, tolerance, and open-mindedness play in human rights?
    • How do you plan to approach situations where your own beliefs may differ from those of others in the community?
    • Write down three things that you are grateful for in your community after learning about human rights. Reflect on how this knowledge has impacted your understanding of the world around you.

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