Prioritizing Your Stakeholders

Watch the attached video.

  • Pull out your SMART goal from the first module. You will create a stakeholder map that will help support you in achieving this goal.
  • Who are the people that are important for helping you achieve this goal? Identify the most important stakeholders in your life that support you. Create a list on a blank sheet of paper.
  • Draw a stakeholder map in your notebook or use this template in google docs that is on the last slide of the video.
  • Place each of the stakeholders in the quadrant that best represents their position of influence (power) and interest (involvement).
  • Have a discussion about your map with your cohort or your closest stakeholders if you would like. What do they think?

Communication Plan

  • Create a communication plan for the stakeholders that you have identified based on the quadrant that they have been placed.
    • Have you been neglecting anyone that needs more time and attention?
    • Did you have the order of priority a bit off?
    • Who is the most important and how can you manage your time to give them that attention?
  • Share with a partner and receive feedback about the communication plan.


    • Does the format of communication and frequency of communication match the importance of the quadrant from the stakeholder map? 
    • Explain how the communication plan will get more buy in from your stakeholders.
    • What challenges do you foresee with the communication plan?
    • Does the communication plan seem possible?
  • Post your map and communication plan on the path.

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