BONUS PATH: Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

Telling others how they can support you leads to deeper relationships and helps you get what you need in your times of struggle. So not only is sharing your needs important, but so is having a list of ideas you can use to support a friend or family member. This path will help with that! 

Scenario Exploration

  • Dive into one of the hypothetical scenario provided. Put yourself in those shoes and really think about how you’d feel. It’s important to remember empathy; someone in your cohort might be going through this.
  • From our list of suggested supports, pick the one you’d appreciate most if you were living this scenario. Think about what kind of support would make a real difference for you.
  • Even in tough situations, there’s always something to be thankful for. Identify one aspect of the scenario you could feel grateful for. This can be a big part of coping and moving forward.


  • Create a video (2-3 minutes) to share your chosen scenario, how you’d feel, the support you’d like, and what you’d be grateful for.

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