Interview Prep


  • Listen attentively to the presentation on informational interviews.
  • Take notes on three guidelines that resonate with you and that you plan to apply in your future interviews.

Template Making 

  • Develop a template for your chosen form of communication 
    1. Email to a potential stakeholder
    2. Text message to potential stakeholder
    3. Phone call with a receptionist to talk with a potential stakeholder
    4. Phone call with stakeholder to set up an interview
  • Include
    • Respectful Greeting: Begin with a polite and respectful greeting.
    • Introduction: Introduce yourself briefly and explain the purpose of your communication.
    • Interview Setup: Request a suitable time for the informational interview.
    • Thank You: Express gratitude for their time and consideration.
    • Salutation: End with an appropriate salutation.
  • Share your template with your guide for feedback and make any necessary revisions.
  • Post the template on the path using the title “[Form of communication] Template for Interviews”. 
  • Check back to see what templates and approaches other students have used when setting up their informational interviews. Use these insights to refine your own approach and enhance your communication skills for future interviews.

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