Stakeholder Brainstorming

Why do we recommend making this list? Starting a project means starting to get ORGANIZED, and having a list of who you need to contact and why is just the start. Otherwise, you might get overwhelmed, miss out on great networking opportunities, or accidentally contact the same person twice. 

  • Grab a sheet of paper and split it into four columns, or make a copy of this document. Columns should be labeled “Community, Stakeholder, Contact Information, Role in the Community”.  See the title image for an example. 
  • Think about the communities from your mind map that you’re super curious about. Now, brainstorm stakeholders you could reach out to from these communities. These should be folks connected to something you find fascinating. For each person, jot down:
    • Community the stakeholder belongs to 
    • Stakeholder’s name they can reach out to 
    • Contact information of the stakeholder 
    • Role that the stakeholder plays in that community 

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