BONUS PATH: Childhood Creative Spark

Why is it important to dig into your childhood interests? Listen to artist Robin Kid to hear one reason you should do this. 

Before or after we dive into the Mind Map activity, let’s take a trip down memory lane and reconnect with our inner child.

  • Whether you’re a digital doodler or a traditional artist, it’s time to draw what made your childhood so fun. Choose one of the following:
    • Digital: Through a free Canva account, use the freeform draw tool to sketch yourself doing something you loved as a kid.
    • By Hand: Grab a plain sheet of paper and your favorite coloring tools – colored pencils, markers, or pens. Draw yourself as a kid, having a blast doing something you adored back then.
  • When the timer concludes, at the bottom of your drawing or on the back, write down your reflection based on the prompt:
    • Why did you like this activity from your childhood?
  • Post your digital image on the path.

To continue, head on back to the Module 1 Opportunity Card.

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