Get Started: Passions Mind Mapping

Recommended to complete after the Childhood Creative Spark activity.

Individual Work – 25 minutes

  • Use the worksheet questions to make a mind map. Each question gets its own bubble.
  • After,  review your mind map and identify similarities in your responses.
  • Use different symbols or colors for these similarities (like using red for sports or stars for arts).
  • Give a name to each group of similar answers and write them on the back of your paper.

Mix and Mingle (if in class) – 10 minutes

  • Move around the room with classmates. After a bit of mingling around the room, gather in groups of 2-3.
  • Check out someone else’s mind map in your group and write down a category you see. Discuss the similarities or interesting things that you learn about your classmates. Repeat this two more times.

Discussion (if at home) – 15 minutes

  • Talk to two different people close to you and ask them to  identify interesting similarities or observations about your passions from your mind map.
  • What do they think your main interests are?

Reflection – 15 minutes

  • Highlight your top 3-5 passion groups.
  • Post your mind map to this path so that others can see it.
  • Leave comments on two other mind maps, finding what connects their passions with yours.


*Don’t forget to check back in and hear what others in your cohort have to say and respond to at least two posts!

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