Define Your Audience

You can’t help everyone with one project, and if you try, you will most certainly fail. By specifying who you are trying to help, you will have more success in your project.

  • Think about who you want to reach with your project. Fill out this worksheet to nail down your ideal target audience.
  • Does your project have a second audience? For example, with Fruit Loops, the main target is kids, but adults are the ones buying it. If you have a second audience, fill out the worksheet again in a different color.
  • If you have a second audience, complete the worksheet in a different color a second time.
  • Now you will create your customer persona with a name and characteristics from your worksheet.
    • Draw your ideal person and write their name at the bottom. Make it as detailed and colorful as you can.
    • Put on a costume and create a 1-minute video acting out your persona. Have fun with it and get into character!
    • Write a one-page short story that describes a typical day in the life of your persona.
  •  Post on the path and answer these reflection questions:
    • Why do you think this audience will benefit from your project?
    • How will understanding your audience help you in marketing your project?

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